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Molecular Imaging Diagnostics

ABSCINT is a clinical stage molecular imaging company developing in vivo diagnostics empowered by single-domain antibodies. Our name captures our essence, which is to address unmet medical needs with the development of unique antibodies (AB) providing superior performance in scintigraphy (SCINT). Our mission is to provide more precise, more specific, more convenient and safer diagnostics in the fields of oncology, cardiology and immunology.

ABSCINT focuses on the development of radiolabelled single-domain antibodies for whole body molecular imaging applications. Molecular imaging is used for the diagnosis of disease, for molecular characterisation of a disease, for monitoring treatment response and for detection of disease recurrence. It is based on specific molecular markers that can be visualised over the entire body by a short scan.

The company has two clinical stage products: one in oncology and one in cardiovascular disease.

Meet our team

  • Karine Clauwaert

    Karine Clauwaert

    Chief Executive Officer
    BD specialist

  • Martine Vandermarliere

    Martine Vandermarliere

    Chief Technical Officer
    CMC protein

  • Philippe Van Wolleghem

    Philippe Vanwolleghem

    Chief Quality Regulatory Officer

  • Gregory Thoorens

    Gregory Thoorens

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Henri Baudhuin

    Henri Baudhuin

    Scientist Preclinical