Unveiling our vision, mission, and values


Revolutionizing patient care with advanced in vivo imaging diagnostics, ensuring swift access to personalized treatments for a future of hope and healing.


At ABSCINT, our mission is to revolutionize HER2 cancer care by developing state-of-the-art in vivo imaging diagnostics. We are dedicated to leveraging the collective expertise of our dynamic team, employing groundbreaking science to accelerate the journey from diagnosis to tailored treatment.

Through unwavering commitment, we aim to empower the medical community, providing them with the tools to diagnose and select the right cancer treatment with confidence and resilience.


  • Expertise-Driven Innovation: Commitment to excellence and groundbreaking science, embracing challenges as opportunities for growth and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.
  • Collaborative Synergy: Thriving on open communication, teamwork and collaboration, working closely with nuclear medicine physicians and oncologists to ensure our diagnostics align seamlessly with clinical needs, fostering a common approach to patient care.
  • Patient-Centric Focus: Prioritizing patient needs, providing faster access to the right treatment with compassion.
  • Investor Partnership: Honoring investor trust, delivering results that exceed expectations for a mutually beneficial partnership.

Through these values, we aim to reshape HER2 cancer diagnostics, leaving an enduring impact on patients’ lives.

Our Team

Karine Clauwaert

Chief Executive Officer

Martine Vandermarliere

Chief Technical Officer

Philippe Vanwolleghem

Chief Quality and Regulatory Officer

Gregory Thoorens

Chief Operating Officer

Henri Baudhuin

Translational Scientist

Stephan Stremersch

Business Development and Project Manager

Dieter Frijns

Clinical Operations and Medical Affairs Lead

Catherine Ska

Clinical Operations and QA Manager

Board of Directors

Koen Dewaele

President of the Board

Karine Clauwaert


Sara Vandenwijngaert

Qbic Venture Partners II

Marleen Limbourg

Noshaq Partners

Didier Allaer

Kazoku Gestion

Jacobus Boonen

Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Corentin Warnier

Trasis, Observer

Valentin Tonnel

Wallonie Entreprendre, Observer

Tom Smets

Qbic Venture Partners II, Observer

Marleen Keyaerts

Founders Feeder, Observer

Our Partners

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